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February 23, 2018

Health Care Reform

A Message from Elizabeth J. Mendenhall, 2018 President for National Association of Realtors:

The Department of Labor is accepting feedback on a proposed rule expanding access to health insurance through Association Health Plans (AHPs) from now until March 6, 2018.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) encourages state associations to submit a comment on the proposed rule advocating for broad inclusion of self-employed individuals in AHPs, sharing their members' experiences with health insurance access and affordability.

To submit a letter:
Please go HERE on the Federal Register to voice your input directly to the Department of Labor.
You may write your own comments or personalize the attached sample letter provided with your feedback and letterhead. The comments can be copied and pasted into the text box or uploaded as a PDF file on the Federal Register website.
NAR also encourages State associations to solicit their large brokers to submit comment letters.
Comments are due by March 6, 2018.

Why Is This Important?
The proposed rule has the potentially to create a framework to allow self-employed individuals and small employers to purchase health insurance through professional or trade associations by expanding access to AHPs.
• An AHP plan would function in the large group insurance market, subject to different rules than plans offered in the individual and small group insurance markets – where REALTORS® are purchasing.
• As a result, AHPs plans may be more affordable for many REALTORS® thanks to increased flexibility in plan design and greater negotiating power to bargain for lower premiums.
Additional Resources, including a sample letter for individual REALTORS® to use, is available HERE.

NAR will also be submitting a comment on behalf of Realtors across the country and are happy to work with you on developing comments.

If you have any questions, please contact Christie DeSanctis, Regulatory Policy Representative at 202.383.1102 or


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