Classroom Learning

We offer continuing education classes for members to stay current with industry trends while satisfying their licensing renewal requirements. In most instances, non-members are welcome to attend classes, provided they pay the required non-member rate. Visit for details on any upcoming classes. 

Check your CE hours with the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Check your CE hours with the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.

How to Register for (or Cancel) A Class

Online Learning

The Association has partnered with the below-listed online course providers for the option of satisfying CE licensing requirements at your own pace, rather than the traditional classroom setting. Greater Chattanogoa REALTORS® is not the developer of these courses and is simply providing a referral. Any questions regarding course content or course technology should be directed to the course providers listed below. Click on the course provider name to see all available courses.

Designations & Certifications

Many REALTORS® obtain designations and certifications from the National Association of REALTORS® and its affiliated Institutes, Societies, and Councils. These designations and certifications provide opportunities for REALTORS® to increase their skills in a specific real estate sector. 

National Association of REALTORS® Ethics Training Requirement 

With the exception of REALTOR® Emeriti, all REALTORS® including those grandfathered by the state licensing body and regardless of specialty (residential, commercial, appraisal, land, etc.) must satisfy this NAR membership requirement. The current ethics training cycle ends December 31, 2021. Click here to see if you've satisfied the ethics training requirement, for FAQ and/or links to class offerings, including free and online options.

Education Requirements for TENNESSEE Licensees

TN Affiliate Brokers:

  • Pre-license: 60 Classroom Principles Course and 30-hour Course for New Affiliates.
  • Continuing Education: 16 hours total, including the mandatory “TREC Core”, every two years

TN Brokers:

  • Pre-license: 120 hours including the 30-hour “Office and Brokerage Management” course.
  • Post-license: 120 hours during the first 3 years of licensure.
  • Continuing Education: Brokers licensed as Brokers after January 1, 2005, must complete continuing education requirements after completing post-license education, including the mandatory TREC Core course.

TN Timeshare Salespersons:

  • Pre-license: 30 hours of classroom training
  • Post-license: None
  • Continuing Education: None

Please direct additional questions regarding Tennessee licensure requirements, to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (800-342-4031).

Education Requirements for GEORGIA Licensees

GA Salesperson (License # is above 100,000):

  • Pre-license: 75-hour Salespersons Prelicense Course
  • Post-license: 25-hour Salespersons Postlicense Course within the first year of licensure.
  • Continuing Education (Before June 30, 2015): 24 hours every four years
  • Continuing Education (After July 1, 2015): 36 hours every four years, including three hours on License Law
  • NOTE: If License # is less than 100,000, there are no continuing education requirements for renewal.

GA Broker/Associate Broker

  • Pre-license: 60-hour Broker's Prelicense Course
  • Continuing Education (Before June 30, 2015): 24 hours every four years
  • Continuing Education (After July 1, 2015): 36 hours every four years, including three hours on License Law

Please direct additional questions regarding Georgia licensure requirements, to the Georgia Real Estate Commission (404-656-3916).