Ethics Training Requirement

DEADLINE for compliance of the CURRENT cycle: DECEMBER 31, 2021

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The National Association of REALTORS® requires all REALTORS® (except REALTOR® Emeriti) to complete ethics training every three years. All REALTORS® regardless of area of specialty (appraisal, commercial, land, property management, residential, etc.) must satisfy this NAR membership requirement. The goal of the training requirement is:

  • to heighten member awareness of the key tenets of the Code of Ethics;
  • to create an awareness of and appreciation for the role the Code can and should play in their professional lives;
  • to enhance professionalism and competency; and
  • to encourage REALTORS® to view their Code of Ethics as a living, viable guide in their daily dealings with clients, customers, and the public.

Ethics CE courses offered by Greater Chattanooga REALTORS® are FREE for our members.

Compliance Tracking: Greater Chattanooga REALTORS® tracks compliance of our primary members and frequently pushes that data to each member's NRDS record. 

FAQ about the Ethics Training Requirement

Who must satisfy this requirement? With the exception of REALTOR® Emeriti, all REALTORS® regardless of area of specialty (appraisal, commercial, land, residential, etc.) must satisfy this NAR membership requirement.

What is the deadline for completing the requirement? The current cycle runs January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021.

I am grandfathered by the real estate commission and do not have to take CE classes. Why do I have to do this? This is an NAR membership requirement, not a licensing requirement. While some real estate licensees are grandfathered from having to take CE to maintain their real estate license, no REALTORS® are grandfathered from this NAR membership requirement.

What happens if I do not satisfy the requirement? On January 1, 2022, any REALTOR® who has not satisfied the requirement will be suspended* from membership for two months or until he/she satisfies the requirement, whichever is sooner. On March 1, 2022, if he/she still is not in compliance, then he/she will be terminated* from membership. *Suspended members do not get member-only discounts or access to services such as the statewide forms and contracts, free and discounted CE classes and networking events. Terminated members would be required to pay a reinstate fee.

Is this a TREC/GREC requirement? No. This requirement does not affect your real estate license. This is an NAR requirement and only affects your REALTOR® membership, including MLS rights and privileges.

I took NAR’s online ethics course. Why is this course not listed on TREC’s or GREC’s website with my other CE credits? You may take NAR’s online course to satisfy this membership requirement, but that course does not offer CE credit. Thus, it will not show up as CE hours on TREC's/GREC’s website.

What courses satisfy the requirement? Each local Association determines which courses satisfy the requirement. In addition to the ethics CE course offered at Greater Chattanooga REALTORS® during this three-year cycle, the following opportunities also satisfy the requirement:

  • Obtaining the Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) endorsement.
  • Grievance and Professional Standards Annual Training in addition to serving on the 2019, 2020 or 2021 committees.
  • NAR online ethics courses are an easy way to satisfy the requirement. And you can choose your areas of specialty – residential or commercial. While NAR’s online courses do not provide CE credit, you can access them online 24/7. Also, should you get interrupted while taking the course, you can save your work and come back to it.
  • SIOR’s ethics and professional standards course. If you have taken this course, please send your certificate of course completion via email to or via fax to (423) 698-8004
  • CCIM's online ethics course. If you have taken this course, please send your certificate of course completion via email to or via fax to (423) 698-8004

More questions? Please contact us at 423-698-8001