General inquiries can be made by calling 423.698.8001 or emailing, with those calls and emails being routed to the relevant staff member. 

Christy Auld, AHWD, C2EX

Governmental Affairs Director OR 423.702.7428

Josh Branum, AHWD, C2EX, e-PRO

Communication Director OR 423.702.7432

Marie Brackett, AHWD, C2EX, e-PRO

Membership Manager OR 423.702.7424

Bethani Miller, AHWD, C2EX

MLS Coordinator OR 423.702.7426

Fanci Moore, AHWD, C2EX

Member Engagement Manager OR 423.698-8001

Carol Seal, AHWD, C2EX, RCE, e-PRO

CEO/Executive Vice President OR 423.698.8001

Jessica Snyder, AHWD, C2EX, e-PRO

Professional Development Director OR 423.702.7423

Denise Tipton, AHWD, C2EX, e-PRO

Education & Facilities Coordinator OR 423.702.7429