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Existing members pay annual membership dues to retain membership rights and privileges. Many of our members, as well as some non-member REALTORS®, subscribe to our commercial and/or residential Multiple Listing Service.


Our membership is representative of all real estate licensees, as well as person not engaged in the real estate profession but have interests requiring information concerning real estate, and are in sympathy with the objectives of the Association.

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Should you have any questions about the membership application, please contact our Staff at 423.698.8001 and ask for a member services representative.

Dues & Fees

In an effort to be green and reduce spending, billing is completely paperless. Invoices are sent only via email. No paper invoices will be mailed. It is the responsibility of each member to maintain a working and valid email address for billing purposes. Please use the Member Service Login button found on each page of this site regularly to check your account balance and to make sure your email address is correct. All invoices for Membership Dues and MLS Fees will be e-mailed to you no less than one month before their due date, so please call or email the Association if you are not receiving your billing emails. 

Dues & Fees are pro-rated based on the month in which you become a member and/or subscribe to the MLS. Click here for a Prorated Dues & Fees Chart.