File a Complaint


The Association provides a fair process by which consumers and REALTORS® may file a grievance alleging a violation of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. As a result of these ethics proceedings, we continue to raise the bar of professionalism within the REALTOR® community.

Before You File a Complaint

Ethics Complaint Form

REALTOR® Code of Ethics (English)

Translations of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics: Should you need asssistance in a language other than English, please visit our Find a Member page, where you can search for a Member by languages spoken. 


In addition to ethics hearings, we provide arbitration proceedings for financial disputes among REALTOR® firms arising out of a written offers of compensation.

Arbitration Request Form MEMBERS (for disputes among member firms and/or MLS Participants)

Arbitration Request Form NON-MEMBERS (for disputes initiated by a Non-Member/Non-MLS Participant against a Member/MLS Participant)

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

While many alleged violations of the MLS Rules are handled administratively by our Staff, alleged violations of certain Sections* are processed through our formal complaint process. Download the MLS Rules Complaint Form.

*Section 1.2.6 (Coming Soon), Section 4.4 & Section 7.5 (Loaning/Sharing MLS Login), Section 6.2 (MLS as Communication Vehicle for Non-Users), Section 19 (Loaning/Sharing Key, Accessing a Keybox without Permission)