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June 30, 2017

Notice of Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Click here for a PDF detailing each proposed amendment.

In the Fall 2016, the Bylaws Committee began a thorough review of our Bylaws for any housekeeping changes, as well as any opportunities to improve any operational or governance matters. In June 2017, the Bylaws Committee presented their recommendations to the Board of Directors. After thorough consideration and vetting, the Board of Directors puts forth the 2017 Proposed Amendments to the GCAR Bylaws.

We are now ready to proceed with voting, which will take place electronically on July 7-13. On Friday, July 7, each REALTOR® member eligible to vote will receive an email with their unique voting credentials link to the online voting platform. Voting will remain open until 5 pm on Thursday, July 13.

The 2017 Proposed Amendments are organized into three categories – Housekeeping, Operational and Governance – as outlined below.


  • Correct the Association name where “Greater” is missing before “Chattanooga Association of REALTORS®
  • Update the name of Tennessee Association of REALTORS®, which now goes by “Tennessee REALTORS®.”
  • Clean up the language referring to the one-year Directors, who serve by virtue of their position as the Immediate Past President, President of the Northwest Georgia Council and President of the Commercial Council.
  • Clarify that the dues are pro-rated for new members based on the date of application


  • Add language that already applies to Designated REALTORS® so that the same qualification criteria is utilized for everyone who applies for REALTOR® membership.
  • Update the list of our Standing Committees.
  • Change the name of the Equal Opportunity/Cultural Diversity Committee to the Diversity Inclusion Committee.
  • Implement attendance requirements for committees and task forces that mirrors the attendance requirement for the Board of Directors.
  • Implement term limits for Officers, Directors, and Committee/Task Force Chairmen.


  • Provide the Board of the Directors the ability and authority to hold each other accountable, and if necessary, remove an Officer or Director, who has breached their duties and obligations.
  • Expand the makeup and define the role of the Nominating Committee for reviewing applicants for Officer and Director positions.
  • Reduce the size of the Board from 18 to 15 Directors by 2019.

The Bylaws Committee* and Board of Directors** encourage your support of these proposed changes, which seek to improve and enhance the leadership experience for future leaders and how they serve all members now and into the future.

*The 2017 Bylaws Committee is comprised of: Co-Chairs Travis Close and Pam Duffy, Mark Blazek, Randy Durham, Jennifer Grayson,  Steven Sharpe,  Vicki Trapp and Kathy Tucker.

**The 2017 Board of Directors is comprised of: President Mark Hite, President-Elect Geoff Ramsey, Secretary-Treasurer Kim Bass, MLS Chair Vicki Trapp, Immediate Past President Nathan Walldorf, Robert Backer, Myra Cochran, Jennifer Cooper, Becky Cope English, Robert Fisher, Dan Griess, Jon Hughes, Paula Palmer, Brenda Pargeon, John Payne, Robyn Ring, Brandi Pearl Thompson and Kevin Wamack.


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