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January 18, 2018

Upcoming Changes to Flexmls Input Sheets

In the 4th Quarter of 2017, the MLS Committee conducted a thorough review of the Single-Family Input Sheet to remove redundancies and ensure details were categorized under the relevant field. As a result, the MLS Committee authorized revisions to the Single-Family Input Sheet*, which will be made the morning of Tuesday, January 23.

We selected January for making these changes due to the current low inventory and the desire to impact the fewest number of active listings. Following these revisions to Single-Family, similar ones will be made to Multi-Family, Land and Rentals, as applicable to those property types.

There is nothing you need to do to your current listings. When/if you edit a listing after these changes are made, you will be prompted to make edits in any field where there are new/different options for that field. 

*Revisions to Single-Family Input Sheet


  • Delete A-Frame, Contemporary, High Rise, Loft/Balcony, Manufactured Home, Manufactured Home 1 Story, Mobile Home 1 Story, Mobile Home 2 Story, and New Construction
  • NOTE: A Style field will be created to accommodate the choices deleted in this field


  • Delete All Cement Bock Foundation, Brick Over Foundation, and Poured Concrete Foundation
  • Delete ¼ brick. ¾ Brick. All Brick, All Stone, and Stone
  • Add Brick-All, Brick-Partial, Stone-All, and Stone-Partial

Exterior Features

  • Make this an optional field & Add 3 “Other” text fields
  • Add Outdoor Kitchen, Pool (and all items from the current Pool field)


  • Delete all items in this field
  • Add Block, Poured, Slab, Stone/Masonry


  • Delete “none” and move Above Ground, Below Ground, and Heated to Exterior Features

Lease Terms

  • Delete since there is now a Rental Property Type


  • Delete since there is now a Rental Property Type


  • Add Front Loading, Side Loading, and Rear Loading
  • Add 3 “Other” text fields


  • Add STEP


  • Delete Zoned Cooling
  • Add Geothermal


  • Delete Zoned Heating
  • Add Geothermal


  • Make this an optional field
  • Delete Part Or All TVA Pkg (move to Green Features)
  • Delete walk-In Closet (already in Bed/Bath)
  • Add Laundry Room
  • Correct “Plum” to read “Plumbed”


  • Delete None
  • Add En Suite and Add 2-3 “other” text fields.
  • Add 3 “Other” text fields


  • Make this an optional field & Add 3 “Other” text fields
  • Amend “Burglar Alarm” to “Security System”
  • Delete Ceiling Fan, Jetted Tub and None
  • Move Pool Equipment and Pool Furniture to Exterior


  • Make this an optional field & Add 3 “Other” text fields
  • Delete Window Treatments
  • Delete “window” from the remaining choices
  • Add Clad


  • Make this an optional field & Add 3 “Other” text fields
  • Delete one of the two Laminate options
  • Delete “Stained” from Stained Concrete
  • Delete Sub-Flooring/No Covering since this will now be an optional field
  • Add Vinyl


  • Make this an optional field & Add 3 “Other” text fields
  • Delete None

Lot Description

  • Make this an optional field & Add 3 “Other” text fields
  • Add City View
  • Alphabetize current options

Community Features

  • Make this an optional field & Add 3 “Other” text fields
  • Add Playground


  • Delete Owner Occupied and Tenant Occupied and replace with Occupied
  • Delete Seller Disclosure on File

Owner Pays

  • Add HOA Initiation Fee


  • Make this an optional field

Special Needs

  • Add 3 “Other” text fields

Green Features

  • Add Part Or All TVA Pkg (moved here from Interior)
  • Add Geothermal
  • Add 3 “Other” text fields


  • Delete other, Other 1, and Other 2 – To eliminate the lengthy list of similarly named documents already an option.

New Fields to be Added:

  • Y/N for Personal Interest
  • Y/N for Owner/Agent


  • Delete the signature line for Listing Broker and amend the listing Agent signature to read, “Listing Broker or Authorized Agent”


Thank you to the MLS Committee!  These changes are much-needed!

Elizabeth Key | 01/19/2018

There are two changes that I think should be left in the input area of the MLS.  Unless there is another field for Manufactured Home and brick siding, I do not think these fields should be deleted.

Melodye Zimmerman | 01/19/2018

Under water/sewer - I believe you meant to add SEPT for septic tank - not sure…

Jean Smith | 01/18/2018

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