Affiliate Members


Matheney Stees & Associates PC (Julie Atchley, 423-894-7400)

Matheney Stees & Associates PC (Amy Poorman, 423-894-7400)

Attorneys, Title & Escrow Services

Battlefield Title Company LLC (Karen W. Ingle, 706-861-2075)

Century Title & Escrow, Inc. (Nina S. Boss, 423-894-1890)

Chattanooga Title, Inc. (Karen McColpin, 423-756-3057)

Elite Title Co., LLC (Tammy Pearson, 706-419-1903)

First Choice Title, Inc. (Amber James, 423-892-7177)

First Choice Title, Inc. (Melanie Reeves, 423-593-9409)

First Title Insurance Company (Liza Fox Heath, 423-265-2507)

Jones Raulston Title Insurance Agency (John Dobard, 423-362-4333)

Jones Raulston Title Insurance Agency (Web Rauston, 423-362-4333)

Lakeside Title & Escrow (Nadia Checkan, 423-681-0607)

Lakeside Title & Escrow (Al Wade, 423-681-0607)

Milligan-Reynolds (Margaret Edmondson, 423-756-0911)

Pioneer Title Agency, Inc. (Sandy Jolley, 423-756-8221)

Realty Title & Escrow Company (Robert Grot, 706-861-3146)

Realty Title & Escrow Inc. (Marlyn Gadd, 423-877-1970)

Title Guaranty & Trust Company (Cathy Gibson, 423-892-7914)

W. Lane Haley, P.C. (Lane Haley, 770-608-7769)

Wooden Title & Escrow (Tracy Wooden, 423-756-9912)

Education Providers

Class 101 Chattanooga (Karen Erwin, 423-822-2191)

Georgia Appraiser School, LLC (John Smithmyer, 404-402-8930)

Energy Solutions

green|spaces (Dawn Hjelseth, 423-648-0963)

Financial Institutions

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Inc (Charlotte Harrill, 423-954-7001)

Bank of Cleveland (Tammy Self, 423-478-8444)

BB&T Mortgage (Jacqulen Maddling, 423-954-2957)

Brand Mortgage (Kevin Blair, 423-842-6004)

Calibar Home Loans (Debby Daniels, 423-829-5758)

Caliber Home Loans (Denise Monroe, 423-551-6100)

Caliber Home Loans (Vickie Phillips, 423-551-6100)

Caliber Home Loans (Dale Whaley, 423-551-6100)

Caliber Home Loans (Cheryl Whitehead, 423-551-6100)

Chatt Neighborhood Enterprise (Bruce Seigel, 423-413-8978)

Churchill Mortgage (Gene Redden, 423-899-6898)

Citizens Tri-County Bank (Tammy Kidwell, 423-949-2173)

Clear 2 Close (Mike Fernandez, 954-551-1529)

CMG Financial (Angel M. Sherlin, 423-421-7900)

CMG Financial (Sherida Farr, 423544-8556)

Community Mortgage Corporation (Rebecca Pool, 423-870--8780)

Fairway independent Mortgage (Michael Collins, 706-280-9763)

Fairway independent Mortgage (Nancy Collins, 706-280-9763)

First Bank Mortgage (Mandy Livingston, 423-321-2596)

First National Community Bank (Bryan Matthews, 706-767-0952)

First Volunteer Bank (Gaye Demars, 423-668-4618)

Highlands Residential Mortgage (Don Oakes, 423-624-0448)

HomeRate Mortgage (Eric Bradshaw, 423-805-9100)

Independent Bank Mortgage, (Patty Robinson, 423-414-2050)

Loan Simple (Greg Petree, 423-490-0086)

Mortgage Investors Group (Dale Kolbus, 423-899-2887)

Mortgage Investors Group (Rodney Long, 423-899-2887)

Mortgage Investors Group (Terre Webb, 423-899-2887)

Mortgage Investors Group (Lindsey Wood, 423-899-2887)

Mortgage Investors Group (Chase Woody, 423-899-2887)

New American Funding (Nicole Flowers, 423-308-5616)

New American Funding (Janet Hillis, 423-308-5616)

People's Home Equity (Bruce Dodd, 423-591-9801)

Pinnacle Financial Partners (Kim Daniel, 423-893-8024)

Prime Lending (Patty Becknell, 423-593-1153)

Prime Lending (Sherry Hodges, 423-316-7166)

Prime Lending (Charity Kincaid, 423-316-7166)

Prime Lending (Kay Mitchell, 423-242-8500)

Prime Lending (Shay Robins, 423-316-7166)

Prime Lending (Angela Weaver-Lusk, 423-316-7166)

Prime Lending (Rodney Robinson, 423-752-1602)

RVS/Wells Fargo (David Durst, 770-570-7934)

Smart Bank (Karen Flores, 423-385-3069)

Southern Heritage Bank (John Michael Smith, 423-499-4777)

Southwest Funding, LP (Rick Wamsley, 423-299-6010)

SunTrust Mortgage (Linda Wright, 423-954-2905)

SunTrust Mortgage (Cathy Eakin, 423-893-8024)

SunTrust Mortgage (Patricia Lowery, 423-893-8024)

SunTrust Mortgage (Herb Pettit, 423-893-8024)

Synovus Mortgage (Sheena Corbett, 423-643-8804)

Synovus Mortgage (Jill McLean, 423-643-8889)

Synovus Mortgage (Jessica Smith, 423-643-8836)

Synovus Mortgage (Holly Walsh, 423-756-8104)

Synovus Mortgage (Stacy Woods, 423-643-8804)

THDA (Debbie Reeves, 615-815-2185)

THDA (Josh McKinney, 865-394-8960)

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union (Bryan Fryar, 423-634-3667)

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union (Nancy Parker, 423-634-3667)

Trust Federal Credit Union (Kevin Perry, 423-870-7611)

Trust Federal Credit Union (Rosa Rievley, 423-702-9944)

Home Inspectors

ATS Property Inspections (Paul Edmonson, 423-892-4101)

ATS Property Inspections (Kenneth Prouty, 423-892-4101)

Boston Home Inspection, Inc. (Jim Boston, 423-344-0651) (Jeff Gill, 423-202-9490)

Chattanooga Home Inspector (Michael Lane, 423-488-4432)

Chattanooga Home Inspector (Justin Stringfellow, 423-284-1510)

Chattanooga Home Inspector (Malcolm Godwin, 423-284-1510)

Chattanooga Home Inspector (Ernest Higgins, 423-284-1510)

Chattanooga Home Inspector (Kevin Koeninger, 423-284-1510)

Chattanooga Home Inspector (Neil Scott, 423-284-1510)

Chattanooga Home Inspector (Scott Smith, 423-284-1510)

Closer Look Inspections (Joseph Glisson, 423-299-5665)

Closer Look Inspections (Matthew Mullins, 423-299-5665)

Cornerstone Home Inspection (Justin Fawson, 706-280-9150)

Diamond Home Inspections, LLC (Chip Diamond, 423-802-3737)

Discovery Home Report (Wayne Bice, 423-322-2113)

Discovery Home Report (David Tate, 423-322-2113)

DG Home Inspections (Daniel Geach, 423-762-8175)

Fairchild Home Inspections (Keith Fairchild, 423-653-3046)

Falcon Home Inspections (Daniel Haugland, 404-725-0995)

Full Disclosure Property Inspection (Melanie Moore, 423-451-7567)

Henderson Home Inspection (Dustin Henderson, 423-208-5781)

HomePro Inspection, Inc. (Roger Williamson, 423-421-4913)

House Calls Inspection (Randy Johnson, 423-314-2114)

HouseMaster Home Inspections (Dan Mayfield, 423-892-9696)

HouseMaster Home Inspections (Tyler Mullins, 423-892-9696)

Hyde Home Inspections (Matthew Hyde, 423-681-6136)

I-Spy Home Inspections, LLC (Brent Teeter, 423-825-4779)

JBR Property Inspections (John Mahr, 404-825-7300)

Klein Home Services (Jarred Klein, 423-774-1672)

Lookout Inspections INC (Edwin Bear Jr, 423-463-0115)

McNulty Residential Inspection (Fred Friday, 423-320-4067)

M & W Home Inspection, LLC (Matthew Williams, 423-580-2186)

National Property Inspections (Mark Coffey, 423-892-7914)

Nooga Inspections (Mark Franitza, 423-715-2794)

Parrish Home Inspection, Inc. (Crawford Parrish, 423-834-8275)

Phillips Smith Home Inspection (Kevin Phillips, 706-817-3117)

Pillar to Post (Greg Nalley, 423-326-2008)

Pillar to Post (Kenneth W. Fast, 423-326-2008)

Pillar To Post (Michael E. Jezek, 423-326-2008)

Pillar To Post (John Peabody, 706-852-9896)

Potts Home Inspections, LLC (Jared Potts, 423-708-5755)

PREIS (Alex Herrick, 423-991-8035)

PREIS (David Herrick, 423-991-8035)

PREIS (Elias Yandell, 423-991-1222)

PREIS (William Miller, 423-991-8035)

PREIS (Donald Rogers, 423-991-8035)

Premier Inspection Services (Terry Rankin, 423-886-7176)

Randle Home Inspection LLC (Shane Randle, 423-421-0392)

Residential Inspection Service (Russ Haynes, 423-240-9403)

Residential Inspection Service (William A. Haynes, 423-240-9403)

River City Inspections (Edward C. Guertin, 423-847-0838)

Ronnie Ward Home Inspection Services (Ronnie Ward, 423-637-1350)

SafeTech Property Inspection (Jeffrey Haynes, 423-457-5900)

Shelter Property Inspections (Curtis Phillips, 423-313-0336)

Temple Home Inspector (William Temple, 423-314-4995)

Tennessee Valley Home Inspection (Roger Scott, 423-315-1199)

THI, The Home Inspector, LLC (Mel Edwards, 423-902-4008)

Thornton Home Inspections (William Bailey, 423-413-7503)

Thornton Home Inspections (Desmond Thornton, 423-413-7503)

To the T Home Inspection (Michael Turner, 423-561-1224)

Tri-State Property Inspections (Dan Lindeman, 423-559-9495)

Wilson Home Inspection (Brian Wilson, 423-551-1189)

Win Home Inspections Chatt. (Doug Gray, 423-702-5053)

Win Home Inspections Cleveland (John Blair, 423-710-3951)

Home Repair & Restoration

Lookout Roofing & Construction, (Donna K. Herrick, 423-320-4067)

Mr. Handyman of Chattanooga (Brenda Boudry, 423-800-7878)

N-REHAB (Michael Parlaman, 423-255-7943)

Home Warranty

American Home Shield (Beth Kelly, 865-279-9885)

Choice Home Warranty (Maryann Azambuja, 865-406-8273)

First American Home Buyers (Mike Cono, 423-800-7878)

First American Home Warranty (Jordan Lindley, 865-406-8273)

Old Republic Home Protection (Lynn Harper, 800-282-7131)

Rytech of Greater Chattanooga (Will Cleghorn, 423-702-1256)


Alder & Cox, Inc. (Bob Reeves, 423-877-3536)

Regions Insurance Inc. (Charles Coulter, 423-752-1579)

State Farm (Richard Self, 423-396-2126)

Williams Underwriting Group (Terriska Jones, 800-222-4035)


Chattanooga Times Free Press (Donna Farmer, 423-757-6315)

Flypaper (Becky Jackson, 423-757-6568)

Hamilton County Herald (Susanne Reed, 423-602-9270)

Team Media Services (Jesse Hunter, 931-675-9403)

Meeting Facility

Spare Time Chattanooga (Dewayne Gass, 423-899-2965)

Moving Companies

Armstrong Relocation (Fuquan Harper 423-503-6384)

Armstrong Relocation (Mark Oglesby 423-643-3703)

Fox Moving & Storage (Bo Byers, 423-413-0044)

Pest Control

Aaron's Pest Control, LLC (Steve Aaron, 423-894-6633)

Arrow Exterminators (Marty Lynch, 423-582-8956)

Arrow Exterminators (Ralph Parker, 423-582-8956)

Arrow Exterminators (Matt Semerano, 423-582-8956)

Arrow Exterminators (Joshua Smith, 423-582-8956)

Arrow Exterminators (Hunter Taylor, 423-582-8956)

Arrow Exterminators (Jon Whitt, 865-368-4254)

Battlefield Pest Services (Kevin Arnold, 706-858-4066)

Earth Right Exterminating (Chris Thornton, 423-509-6356)

Earth Right Exterminating (Cleva Thornton, 423-509-6356)

Earth Right Exterminating (Ray Wrinkle, 423-326-6120)

Enviroguard Pest Solutions (David Helms, 706-965-9078)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Clay Cochran, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Jody Millard, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Barry Teubert, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Chris Ford, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Zac Hindman, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Susan Woolsey, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Stefen Hoge, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Nicholas Queen, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Eli Rash, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Ashley Sequens, 423-877-0111)

Jody Millard Pest Control Co. (Colin Turner, 423-877-0111)

Lookout Pest Control, Inc. (Chad Haney, 706-866-6737)

Lookout Pest Control, Inc. (Robb Haney, 706-866-6737)

Lookout Pest Control, Inc. (Jeff Mitchell, 706-866-6737)

Pest Tech Chattanooga (Dan Hekman, 423-771-9504)

Sentinel Pest Control (Berry Carroll, 423-595-8847)

Sentinel Pest Control (Jason Mackler, 423-595-8847)

Termite & Pest Control (Billy Jackson, 423-486-7365)

The Xterminator (James Chapin, 423-838-8197)

Visa Pest Free Exterminating (Victor M. Manning, 706-459-9730)

Visa Pest Free Exterminating (Jesse Peterson, 706-459-9730)


Beacon Imagery Real Estate Photography (Kim Randall, 423-504-2800)

Video Ideas/VR Media Pros (Jerry Waddell, 423-894-2677)

Recycle & Removal Services

Junk King of Chattanooga (Fred Friday, 423-463-0461)


Stage to Sell (Carol Ann Wolf, 423-902-2527)


EPB Fiber Optics (Niki Phillips, 423-648-1266)