Greater Chattanooga REALTORS®' governance structure is comprised of committees and task forces, which review specific issues and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for action or implementation. Provided below are the descriptions of each volunteer opportunity. Should you wish to attend a committee meeting as a guest, please refer to our Meeting Policy

Committee Sign-up & Appointment Process

2021 Robert Backer will work in conjunction with her appointed Chairmen to match the scope of each committee’s work with the strengths and relevant experience of interested volunteers. Committee appointments will be confirmed by mid-December via e-mail from the Staff Support for the committee to which you are assigned. 

Our goal is to accommodate as many members as possible, while also considering available space and overall make-up of each committee. Appointment considerations will be given to committee size and diversity (i.e., member type, firm size, geographical representation, gender, etc.). All applicants will be considered, but some applicants may not get an assignment for the following year. Appointments will be confirmed via e-mail from the staff support for the committee to which you are assigned. Unless otherwise noted in the committee description terms are one (1) calendar year. In order to prevent stagnant thinking, the President will consider the number of consecutive years a member has already served in a particular area.

Any member of a committee or task force who fails to attend three (3) regular meetings in one (1) calendar year shall be construed as resignation.

Committee Descriptions

BUDGET & FINANCE: Formulates the annual budget and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning financial planning and investment decisions. Staggered, two-year terms. Meets 6-8 times each year.

BYLAWS: Reviews Bylaw recommendations from NAR for implementation at the local level, as well as any local issues that may arise and contemplate a Bylaws amendment. Meets as needed.

CONSUMER EDUCATION & SCHOLARSHIP: Facilitates programs to educate young consumers about the home-buying process and careers in the real estate industry. Oversees an Association-funded, need-based scholarship program for first-year college students.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS: Supports the ongoing partnerships with Habitat for Humanity & Hamilton County Schools Snack Packs; Plans and implements the biennial Habitat fundraiser (golf tournament, wine tasting, and silent auction). Meets monthly.

DIVERSITY INCLUSION: Promotes equal opportunity and cultural diversity within the real estate industry and encourages an Association culture that embraces and celebrates our differences. Plans annual recognition of Fair Housing Month. Meets bi-monthly and may become monthly as the scope of the committee grows.

EDUCATION/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Promotes traditional (CE, designation classes) and non-traditional (videos, forums, membership breakfasts) learning opportunities; Evaluates the effectiveness of current and potential learning opportunities to engage a broad spectrum of members. Meets 6-8 times a year.. NOTE: For 2021, this committee is combined with the Community Education & Scholarship Committee. 

GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS: Reviews government policies that may impact the ability of REALTORS® to conduct their business successfully and ethically, and to promote the preservation of the right to own, use, and transfer real property. Works with elected officials on issues impacting property values and quality of life in Greater Chattanooga. Meets monthly.

GRIEVANCE: Reviews arbitration requests and ethics complaints to determine whether they meet the criteria for referring to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing. Staggered three-year terms. Meets monthly. NOTE: Appointees to the Grievance Committee MUST attend REQUIRED TRAINING on DECEMBER 7 (1pm-5pm) and DECEMBER 8 (9am-1pm).

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Identifies, educates, and grooms futures Association leaders; Oversees the Leadership Academy curriculum, application and selection process. Staggered, 2-year terms of recent graduates. Meets 2-4 times in the 1st Quarter and then bi-monthly to monitor programming in preparation for the subsequent year. NOTE: Due to the make-up of the committee being recent graduates, this committee does not appear on the annual committee sign-up.

PLACEMAKING GRANT TASK FORCE: Reviews NAR's Placemaking Grant criteria to identify local opportunities to create and/or transform an unused public space into a welcoming community destination.

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: Prior experience on the Grievance Committee is preferred. Conducts hearings on possible violations of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and arbitration requests. Staggered, 4-year terms. Meets as hearings are scheduled. NOTE: Appointees to the Professional Standards Committee MUST attend REQUIRED TRAINING on DECEMBER 7 (1pm-5pm) and DECEMBER 8 (9am-1pm).

REALTORS® POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (RPAC): Solicits RPAC contributions to support pro-REALTOR® political candidates. Educates members on their role in the REALTOR® Party – vote, act invest – to protect and promote home ownership and real estate investment. Meets 6-8 times a year.