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Commercial Purchase & Sale Agreements Revealed (Tennessee)


Greater Chattanooga REALTORS® (2963 Amnicola Highway)


Commercial Purchase & Sale Agreement Revealed (Tennessee) class will be held IN PERSON.


The overall purpose of this class is to take away the mystery of preparing Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreements.

First, we will review just what a contract is and how it needs to be prepared to be legal and enforceable. 

Then, we will review Letters of Intent and how and why to use them, we will go over – line by line – the provisions of a Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement and we will talk about when you should use Exhibits along with your Commercial Contracts. 

As part of these topics we will discuss in some detail due diligence that should be completed during the feasibility period of a commercial contract. By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define a contract
  • List three elements necessary for a contract to be enforceable
  • Identify terms to be fulfilled for a valid contract
  • Explain when a confidentiality agreement should be used
  • Demonstrate the reasons for using a Letter of Intent
  • Compose a Letter of Intent
  • Name the common clauses in a Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Describe the intent behind the common clauses in a Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Employ the use of Commercial Purchase and Sale Exhibits in a commercial sale transaction
  • Develop items to be included during a due diligence period and determine length of time for due diligence
  • Apply use of clauses in a Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement in the appropriate way

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Linda Olson


6 Hours TN & GA


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