Tue, Nov 10, 2020 1:00pm – 5:00pm    

Making Green by Selling “Green”


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The remaining 2020 course offering will be held via Zoom. Please register below, which will trigger the Zoom link to be emailed 24 hours prior to class. See below for TREC virtual/streaming CE rules.

In this course you will learn to distinguish between concepts such as “green”, ecofriendly, energy-efficiency, and sustainability so you can teach your customers how they can live an “eco-conscious” lifestyle within any budget. This course will provide you with “green renovation options” such as xeriscaping, Energy Star appliances, and solar products. We will go over practical things anyone can do to make their homes more energy efficient and sustainable; things that are inexpensive to implement but could result in significant savings. Once you, as a REALTOR®, know how to recognize these features in a home (or ask the right questions to highlight energy efficient aspects of a house), you can use that information as a marketing tool for a Seller and as selling points for a Buyer, making you a more specialized, effective and successful REALTOR®.

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
• Define and differentiate between terms associated with “green” and energy efficiency
• Identify energy efficient components associated with the outside of a home
• Identify energy efficient components associated with the inside of a home
• Analyze range of costs and time for return on investment for make a home more resource efficient
• Demonstrate how you and your customers can embrace a more “green/ecofriendly” lifestyle within every budget
• Employ practices learned in class to advise Buyers & Sellers to be more resource efficient
• Demonstrate an understanding of “greenwashing”
• Formulate methods to effectively advertise “ecofriendly” homes so you can become more successful at selling them

TREC RULES for earning CE hours via electronic streaming services:

• Login/check-in for class begins 20 minutes before the stated class start time and ends once the class begins.  Students must be logged in and their identification verified by the proctor BEFORE the stated class start time.
• Students must be visible on camera AT ALL TIMES to receive CE credit.
• Students may not take phone calls during class to receive CE credit.  Instructors will provide time for breaks and lunch (if applicable).  During designated break/lunch time, attendees may take care of personal calls, emails, etc.  NOTE:  Attendees should NOT log out at any time during the class.
• Students may not participate in computer-based work while attending class to receive CE credit.
• Students may not “Step away” from the camera for any reason to receive CE credit.  If an emergency arises, please use the “chat” feature to privately notify the proctor of your situation.
• Students are also responsible for the performance of their own technology including audio volume, video clarity and reliable internet connection.
Video, audio and internet access are all needed to access are all needed to successfully “attend” class.
• Providers must maintain a recording of electronically streamed course.
• Your camera must remain stable and UNMOVED during the course broadcast.  Excessive camera movement is distracting and may result in a student’s removal from the class at the instructor’s discretion.
• No sharing a room with other students unless permission has been granted in writing from the provider.


Linda Olson


4 Hours TN & GA


Members: $40.00 / Non-Member: $55.00

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