Wed, Sep 1, 2021 8:30am – 10:00am    

Managing Broker Breakfast


Market South (1501 Long Street)


The Board of Directors and MLS Committee invite all Owners & Managing Brokers to breakfast to discuss eliminating lockbox audits, and fines for missing lockboxes.  Yes, you read that correctly; we are exploring moving away from the current lockbox “library system” to reallocating current lockboxes to agents (not brokers) at no charge.

What would this mean for our market?

  • Brokers could allocate time previously spent assigning, tracking, and reconciling lockbox inventory to focus on higher priorities.
  • Agents would have control of setting shackle codes for lockboxes in their possession.
  • MLS Staff could allocate time previously spent tracking lockboxes on more training, data clean-up, and compliance.
  • The Greater Chattanooga market would have fewer “missing” lockboxes yet retain the consumer confidence in an electronic system for tracking each person who accesses a lockbox to enter a property.
  • Future lockbox exchanges/upgrades would be less daunting, as each agent (not broker) would individually return current keyboxes for the newer lockbox.

With so much to consider, the MLS Committee seeks your input on what this change might look like.

Please use the registration link below to save your seat and help us plan accordingly for breakfast. 


Complimentary breakfast and parking.

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