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December 8, 2021


The Nominating Committee presents the following Candidates for the 2022 Board of Directors:

     2022 President-Elect (Choose 1): Steven Sharpe

     2022 Secretary-Treasurer (Choose 1): Bev Boss OR Kevin Wamack

     2022-23 Directors (Choose 4): Connie Brewer, Lisi Chavarri, Brian Erwin, Ryan May, Rolanda Pullen, Mike Purcell

Those elected will serve alongside: 2022 President Derek English, 2022 MLS Chair Barry Hamilton, 2022 Immediate Past President Robert Backer, and 2021-22 Directors Kadi Brown, Ellis Gardener, Jennifer Grayson, and Steven LaMar. 

Online voting begins Thursday, December 16, when each REALTOR® member eligible to vote will receive an email from containing the secure voting credentials unique to the email recipient. Voting will remain open until 5 pm on Wednesday, December 22. Election results will be announced on December 23.

2022 President-Elect (Select 1)

STEVEN SHARPE, ABR, GRI, e-PRO (Keller Williams Realty) 

I wish to step into the President-Elect role to have a direct influence on the direction of the real estate profession in the Chattanooga area. I feel that my current role as a principal broker has given insight into the everyday challenges faced by our members and gives me perspective on some of the best ways to confront and overcome those perceptions and difficulties in our industry.

LOCAL: Board of Directors (2019-20, 2021 Secretary-Treasurer); Budget & Finance Committee (2018, 2021 Chair); Bylaws Committee Liaison (2017-18, 2018 Chair); Governmental Affairs Committee (2019 Director Liaison); Grievance Committee (2010-12); Professional Standards Committee (2014, 2017); RPAC Committee (2020 Director Liaison, 2021)

STATE & NATIONAL: Tennessee REALTORS® Board of Directors (2021); Tennessee REALTORS® Bylaws Committee (2018-19); Tennessee REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee (2014-15); Tennessee REALTORS® Residential Forms Committee (2019-20)

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Founder (2005 to present) of Camp Horizon, a camp for children with physical disabilities.

2022 Secretary-Treasurer (Select 1)

BEV BOSS (RE/MAX Renaissance)

I enjoy working with like-minded REALTORS® to ensure our industry grows and thrives. I genuinely feel that we serve a purpose to maintain REALTOR® integrity and promote homeownership. I would love to continue serving.

LOCAL: Board of Directors (2019-21); Budget & Finance Committee (2021); Community Education & Scholarship Committee (2021 Director Liaison), Community Involvement Committee (2016-20, 2018 Co-Chair); Diversity Inclusion Committee (2017-2020, 2020 Director Liaison); Governmental Affairs Committee (2021); Leadership Development Committee (2018-2020); Placemaking Committee (2021), Professional Development Committee (2018-2020); Leadership Academy Graduate (2017)

STATE & NATIONAL: Tennessee REALTORS® Board of Directors (2021)

CHAPTERS & COUNCILS: Home Builders of Greater Chattanooga (2018-20)

COMMUNITY: Habitat for Humanity (2016-21); Junior League (2018-21); Teacher Support (2005-21)

BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2008-09 Teacher of the Year; Agent of the Month; Multi-Million Dollar Producer

KEVIN WAMACK (Real Estate Partners)

I wish to serve as Secretary-Treasurer to give back and do my part for the Association and help keep the board and Association moving forward in a positive direction.

LOCAL: Board of Directors (2017-20); Community Involvement Committee (2015-2018); Engaging young Professionals Task Force (2017); Leadership Development Committee (2017-18); Professional Development (2018 Director Liaison); RPAC Committee (2015, 2019 Director Liaison); RPAC Investor; Leadership Academy Graduate (2016)

STATE & NATIONAL: Tennessee REALTORS® Board of Directors (2019)

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Eagle Scout; Habitat for Humanity; Snack Packs

BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Top 50 producing agent in Chattanooga for the past three years

2022-2023 Director (Select 4)

CONNIE BREWER, AHWD, GRI, PSA, C2EX (Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty)

I wish to continue my growth in the REALTOR® profession. I have a desire to continue being actively involved in our Association by serving, supporting, and representing fellow colleagues.

LOCAL: Grievance Committee (2020, 2021 Chair); Education/Professional Development Committee (2019-2020); RPAC Committee (2019-2021); RPAC Major Investor (2020-2021); Leadership Academy Graduate (2021)

STATE: Women’s Council of REALTORS® (2015-present, 2020-2021 Liaison, 2021 Nominating Committee)

CHAPTERS & COUNCILS: Women’s Council of REALTORS® (2015-present, past Membership Director, Project Teams, 2019 President-Elect, 2020-2021 President)

COMMUNITY: Hydrocephalus Walk Chattanooga (current); Life Group Leader (2020); Sleep in Heavenly Peace (current); TN Dachshund Animal Rescue

BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2002 Presidential Award with major insurance company; 2019 Presidential Award Women’s Council of REALTORS® (Tennessee)


I wish to create a better sense of community, camaraderie, and engagement within and connected to the Greater Chattanooga REALTORS® members; contribute to establishing a 360 feedback loop to better develop rapport and a roadmap for development; establish stronger relationships with REALTORS® and the Association; and gain a deeper awareness and advocate for the REALTOR® Association at the local, state, and national levels.

LOCAL: Leadership Development Committee (2019-2021, 2020-2021 Chair); Leadership Academy Graduate (2018)

CHAPTERS & COUNCILS: Women’s Council of REALTORS® (2018-present)

COMMUNITY: 100+ Women Who Care of Chattanooga (Co-Founder); Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute Game ChangeHER (2021-2022); Medal of Honor Lunch Committee for Fundraising (2018-2020); St. Peter’s Auction Committee (2019)

BRIAN ERWIN, ABR (Real Estate Partners)

I wish to contribute to our Association with my time, presence, and influence. We have made great strides to expand member involvement, engagement, and outreach during the tenure of my membership, and I intend to build on the progress of the last two years. I wish to collaborate with leadership to showcase our Association’s value to members and the REALTOR® influence in our community. We have a platform and a duty to grow the REALTOR® brand and protect our industry. I wish to be an experienced leader in protecting and guiding the direction of Greater Chattanooga REALTORS®.

LOCAL: Board of Directors (2020-2021); Community Involvement Committee (2018 Chair, 2015-2018); Education Professional Development Committee (2019 Chair); Governmental Affairs Committee (2017, 2021); Leadership Development Committee (2021 Director Liaison); MLS Committee (2019-2020); RPAC Committee (2018); Strategic Planning Task Force (2019); RPAC Investor; Leadership Academy Graduate (2017)

STATE & NATIONAL: Tennessee REALTORS® Board of Directors (2020)

CHAPTERS & COUNCILS: WCR Member (2017-2018)

COMMUNITY: Chattanooga Preparatory School Mentor Program (2019-2026); Habitat for Humanity Volunteer (2016-present); Emerging Leaders United Way of Greater Chattanooga (2016-present, 2019 Executive Committee, 2021 Volunteer Advocate)

RYAN MAY, ABR (Real Estate Partners)

I believe the best way to stay current regarding what is going on in our industry is to be involved with your local board. I hope to bring to the board my past experience from working in the corporate world. I also hope to bring representation of the non-franchise companies to the board.

LOCAL: Board of Directors (2020-2021); Community Involvement Committee (2018); Education/Professional Development Committee (2019); Governmental Affairs Committee (2021 Director Liaison); Grievance Committee (2019); Placemaking Committee (2020 Director Liaison); RPAC Major Investor; Leadership Academy Graduate (2018)

COMMUNITY: Clifton Hill School (Adopted School of Real Estate Partners); Snack Pack Ministry Volunteer

ROLANDA PULLEN, CMS, CNHS (Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty)

There are several reasons I’m running for a second term on the Board of Directors. I want to help our board continue to be relevant to our members. I hope that we can be a voice for our REALTOR® community as we vote on decisions that affect our members. I want to show our community the important role that our Association plays in real estate and help protect our profession's integrity.

LOCAL: Board of Directors (2020-2021); Community Involvement Committee (2017-18, 2020-2021); Consumer Education & Scholarship Committee (2021); Diversity Inclusion Committee (2020-2021); Grievance Committee (2019); Government Affairs Committee (2017); Leadership Development Committee (2017-2020, 2018 Chairman); Strategic Planning Task Force (2019); Leadership Academy Graduate (2016)

CHAPTERS & COUNCILS: 2021 Historian and member of NAREB

COMMUNITY: Member of Olivet Baptist Church (1998-present, past photographer/event planning committee); Member of the PTA & Volunteer at Wallace A. Smith (2017-present); Order of the Eastern Star-Lookout Chapter (2013-present, 2017-2018 Secretary, 2021 Associate Matron)

BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Coldwell Banker International Sterling Society (2020); Coldwell Banker International Diamond Society (2016-18); Coldwell Banker Circle of Excellence (2017-18); Coldwell Banker Office Top Listing Associate Runner-Up (2018); Coldwell Banker Honorable Mention (2018); Coldwell Banker Multi-Million Dollar Producer (2016, 2020); Coldwell Banker Team Player (2019-2020); 2011 Featured in Hamilton County Herald


I believe that the one of the key purposes of the Board of Directors is to listen to and advocate for our REALTOR® members.  As such, I wish to serve this Association by using my business as well as real estate experience to help grow and improve our Association for all members.

LOCAL: Governmental Affairs Committee (2019-2021); Grievance Committee (2018-2020, 2020 Chair); Professional Standards Committee (2021 Chair); Leadership Academy Graduate (2018)

STATE & NATIONAL: Tennessee REALTORS® Day on the Hill

CHAPTERS & COUNCILS: Chattanooga Council of CRE (2018-present)

COMMUNITY: Member, Burks United Methodist Church, Trustee (2022-2024); Board Member and President, UTC Alumni Board of Directors (2008-2011); Board Member, Mustard Tree Ministries- (2016-2019); Member, Affordable Housing Initiative Committee (2019-present); University of Chattanooga (UC) Foundation (2008-2011)

BUSINESS: Executive MBA, UT Chattanooga (1998); UT National Alumni Association Appointment by Chancellor, UTC (2009-2011); Licensed Real Estate Broker (2019-present); Licensed  Professional Engineer (1985-present)