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September 19, 2021

Alert: Bogus Sheriff Calls Targeting Realtors

12/13/2021 UPDATE: Three members contacted us today after receiving these types of calls. This time from 423-358-1934 identifying himself as either Jeffrey Snyder or Jeff Pitts. In one call, he referenced "his" badge # 9574. The caller gives similar instructions to those referenced below in previous posts about this scam for the REALTOR® to appear immediately at the courthouse related to a previously closed transaction. In each call, the property address is one in which the REALTOR® participated as the listing or selling agent. 

10/02/2021 UPDATE: The type of calls outlined below have continued. with the caller now providing "his" name (Brandon Connelly), badge number, supervisor's name, and address of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

ORIGINAL POST from 09/19/2021: A 2018 scam is circulating again with a new twist – targeting REALTORS® related to properties they sold. Caller ID says “Hamilton County,” with the caller claiming to be with the Sheriff’s office. The caller alleges/instructs various versions of the following:

• References the REALTORS®’s (current or former) office address.

• Claims the REALTOR® has an outstanding warrant for failure to show for jury duty or as a witness in a court matter related to a previously closed transaction.

• Instructs the REALTOR® not to tell anyone b/c the property involved a minor.

• Asks the REALTOR® to go to the courthouse to verify their signature on the subpoena and to stay on the line until arriving at the courthouse.

• Informs the REALTOR® they will have to remit money (up to $8,000 in some cases) over the phone so as not to be detained for 72 hours once arriving at the courthouse.

The Sheriff’s office has reconfirmed they would never ask for money over the phone and are aware of the fake calls. Thanks to all those who reported this scam occurring in our marketplace. Stay alert and vigilant out there, folks!