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November 29, 2023

Always Make Time To Learn From the Experts

I’ve always looked forward to the National Association of REALTORS® Fall Conference, and this year was certainly no exception. Earlier in November, thousands of REALTORS® gathered to “Own the Moment” at NAR NXT, The REALTOR® Experience in Anaheim. It was a great opportunity to network, hear engaging speakers, and look ahead to what might impact the real estate industry and homeownership across the country.

I believe that we all should continue to make ourselves better, and that’s part of the reason I love these meetings so much; there’s always something to learn. For example, in one of our meetings, NAR’s Chief Advocacy Officer Shannon McGahn outlined the current challenges that Congress faces in an era of unprecedented division. "NAR is built for moments like this," said McGahn. "With friends and respect on both sides of the aisle, it has proven time and again to be effective in a divided government. Our mission is to support the policies and the policymakers who support Realtors® and consumers."

Whether you’re in real estate or not, it’s clear that there’s an issue with housing affordability and inventory. Joe Harris, NAR's Vice President of Government Advocacy focused on what is being done to help consumers. "The More Homes on the Market Act is an example; that's something that has gotten tremendous support and response from legislators because the issue is becoming more and more real as time goes on," said Harris. "You can't help but be affected by it. It underscores the importance of our work in terms of empowering the middle of the governing wings of both parties. The More Homes on the Market, the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act, tax credits and incentives to give private investment, and converting some of these underutilized office spaces - what we're doing with legislation like this is keeping the economy going.”

Hearing what’s being done with housing legislation was certainly enlightening, but there was another hot topic at our conference; Artificial Intelligence. AI has been on everyone’s mind, and thankfully NAR had a multitude of experts address the evolving role of technology in the real estate landscape. Speakers spoke of how AI is helping their business; whether it’s creating marketing materials, creating real-time driving directions for showing properties, or even building relationships with consumers.

Regardless of your occupation, I urge everyone to seek out these opportunities to learn from their peers and other experts in their respective fields. Continuing education rewards curiosity, and helps us adapt when the need arises, which has been crucial in navigating the real estate industry these past few years. But whether you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, it’s important to utilize the expertise of a REALTOR®. REALTORS have the tools and knowledge necessary to adapt to your needs when the market requires it. That’s Who We R®.