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May 29, 2024

Director Spotlight: Holly Harwell

One of the benefits of doing these interviews is discovering new insights from those I have the privilege of working with as a board president. Holly Harwell is one of those board members who, as a seasoned Realtor, has not only built a successful 21-year career in real estate but also actively contributes to the community and local association leadership. With a rich background in sales, marketing, and political campaign finance, she brings a unique perspective to the industry and the board.

What did you do before transitioning into this profession? I started my career working in sales and marketing for several companies. I then got into political campaign finance/fundraising for a national congressional race and a local mayoral race. After completing the mayoral campaign, I was ready to transition into a business of my own. I decided to take the real estate licensing course and enjoyed it. This is my 21st year as a Realtor, and I have loved running my own business.

Why did you choose to serve the Association in a leadership capacity? I wanted to get more involved in our local association. With 20 years of experience as a Realtor and having served on numerous boards in our community, my experience could be helpful as we face many challenges in the ever-changing marketplace.

What would you like your fellow Realtors to know that our Association offers to its members? The opportunity to get free education to assist in becoming a better Realtor is priceless. Especially now as we face changes to our business, education is of utmost importance. We also make efforts on several fronts to engage in our community with participation in the Snack Pack Ministry, Habitat for Humanity, our Placemaking committee which identifies opportunities to transform an unused space in our community, and the Scholarship fund that helps first-year college students.

What is your favorite part of being a Realtor? I absolutely love assisting both buyers and sellers maneuver through one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Our homes are the place where we feel grounded and make so many wonderful memories; it just brings me great joy to be a part of their journey.

What is something your fellow Realtors/Members/Association do in the community that you love and want others to know about? So many of our members are involved in our community in various ways. I think part of our culture is that we are giving association and feel called to make Chattanooga the best place to live. I have especially loved the Snack Pack Ministry. It provides more than 5,000 students with additional meals that they would otherwise not have access to.

Have you read any recent books you want to share with others and why? I had the opportunity to take the Ninja Selling course last year. The Ninja Selling book by Larry Kendall is one that I keep reading over and over. It provides a clear road map to being a successful Realtor and helps you develop daily habits that will lead to being a better communicator and a more well-rounded professional.

As a dedicated and passionate advocate for community involvement, Holly shares her value of continued education, and the joy of helping clients navigate one of life's most significant decisions. It has been a pleasure to explore her experiences, inspirations, and the impactful work she champions both in and out of the real estate realm. That’s Who We R®.