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May 1, 2019

MLS Rules Amended April 2019

At their February 2019 and April 2019 meetings, the Board of Directors approved recommendations from the MLS Committee to incorporate NAR-mandated language into our local MLS Rules, as well as a local clarification that the list price cannot be modified after an offer has been accepted. These amendments have now been incorporated into the MLS Rules and accomplish the following:

1. Clarify that the list price cannot be modified after an offer has been accepted. 

2. Incorporate NAR-mandated amendments to:

  • Upon request by the cooperating broker, require the listing broker to provide written affirmation that the offer has been submitted to the seller OR that the seller waived the listing's broker's obligation to present the offer.
  • Provide a dispute resolution mechanism for complaints alleging the unauthorized use of listing content (i.e., photos), including a prohibition of Participants taking legal action against another Participant for alleged MLS Rules violations unless the complainingParticipant first uses the remedies provided in the MLS Rules.
  • Clarify the representations and warranties Participants make when submitting listing content to the MLS, including the Participant's agreement to defend and hold harmless the MLS and other Participants from liabilities taken when submitting listing content to the MLS.

Click to review the verbatim amendments to the MLS Rules & Regulations.

Click to access the MLS Rules in their entirety.

Questions? Contact MLS Director, Tonya Bell: 423.698.8001 /


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