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February 21, 2024

Navigating Offers with Precision and Grace


Real estate transactions are an intricate dance, and every step is critical. Letting your Realtor lead and relying on their expertise ensures a seamless and fruitful journey. As we continue focusing on the National Association of Realtors’ 179 Ways Agents Who Are Realtors Are Worth Every Penny of Their Compensation, here are six dance moves showcasing how a Realtor’s role extends beyond crafting and presenting offers.

Receive and review all offers to purchase. The first position in this dance begins when the agent receives and meticulously reviews the offer. This move is fundamental, as it sets the stage for the subsequent negotiations and decisions. The agent’s expertise in understanding the nuances of these offers is paramount in advising their client effectively.

Evaluate offers and prepare a net sheet for the owner. With all offers in hand, the Realtor performs a delicate balancing act, evaluating each one and preparing a detailed net sheet for the owner. This breakdown and comparison of costs and revenue associated with each offer is invaluable for owners to understand the financial outcomes of accepting each offer, providing a clear picture beyond the surface numbers.

Explain the merits and weaknesses of each offer to sellers. With the net sheet as a reference, the agent takes the seller on a deep dive into each offer’s terms, conditions, and contingencies. This conversation highlights how each offer aligns with the seller’s objectives and concerns and provides a transparent and detailed explanation so the seller can make an informed decision.

Negotiate all offers per the seller’s direction and set a time limit for loan approval and closing. Poised with the seller’s directives, the agent enters the negotiation stage, which goes far beyond the offered price. This step involves every term and condition of the offer – any financial contingencies, whether there is another property to sell, timelines for earnest money deposits, and completing the home inspection. Setting these timelines is crucial for ensuring all parties act in good faith to get from contract to closing smoothly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Prepare and convey counteroffers, acceptance, or amendments to the buyer’s agent. The negotiation phase often involves a sequence of back-and-forth communication between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. The seller’s agent prepares and conveys counteroffers, acceptances, or amendments as necessary. This process continues until both parties reach a mutual agreement.

Upon the parties’ acceptance of all terms, bind the Purchase & Sale Agreement. Once an “Offer to Purchase” contract is accepted, the seller’s agent is responsible for ensuring that the contract, along with any agreed-upon amendments, is delivered to the buyer’s agent in a timely manner. This final step is pivotal in moving the transaction forward to the closing phase, where the deal is officially sealed.

The role of a Realtor is multilayered and involves a combination of negotiation skills, financial insight, and a deep understanding of real estate laws and practices. Their ability to guide sellers through this complex process is invaluable in achieving a successful closing for all parties involved. That’s Who We R®.