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April 8, 2019

New Policy & Fee Schedule for IDX, VOW and Back-Office Data Feeds

In January 2019, Greater Chattanooga REALTORS® modified its policy on how we will charge for IDX, VOW, and Confidential Back-Office system data feeds. This policy, as outlined below, ensures the MLS has an accurate accounting for MLS data transmitted to third-party vendors providing IDX, VOW, and Confidential Back-Office systems; provides a mechanism by which Participants and Subscribers are reminded to inform the MLS should a data feed no longer be required; and avoids an unreasonable cost to Participants and Subscribers for providing feeds to accommodate IDX, VOW and Confidential back-office systems. The policy is to:

1. No longer charge IDX/VOW vendors $400 per Participant with whom that vendor works to provide IDX/VOW services;

2. Charge a non-prorated fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) as outlined below to Participants and Subscribers, who would be billed initially at the time a data feed is provided and annually with the MLS subscription renewal; and

3. Provide data feeds required for IDX, VOW, and Confidential Back-Office systems, provided each Participant and/or Subscriber requesting the feed executes an IDX, VOW, or Broker Data Release agreement, whichever may apply:

  • $25 to each Subscriber, who (with their Participant’s approval), enters into an agreement with a vendor to provide a service to said Subscriber
  • $25 to a Participant, who enters into an agreement with a vendor to provide a service for the entire firm, partnership, corporation or limited liability company with which the Participant is affiliated.

Our MLS Staff is compiling a spreadsheet of IDX, VOW, and Confidential Back-Office feeds, which once completed will be provided to each Office, Participant, and/or Subscriber currently receiving a feed. Our intent is to provide this information ahead of the annual MLS subscription renewal so that we can terminate any feeds no longer in use. The next step will be to add the $25 fee to each account, so that this amount will be included with your MLS renewal invoice. For questions, please contact or