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September 5, 2023


NOTE: Click here for a subsequent post providing additional information, revised proposed amendments, and voting timeline. 

Click here for a PDF detailing each proposed amendment.

Early this year, President Steven Sharpe appointed a Presidential Advisory Group* (PAG) to:

  • Review the nominations and elections process for the Board of Directors; and
  • Consider any improvements to ensure continuity and succession planning for elected leadership.

In addition to approving the PAG recommendations, the Bylaws Committee** identified various housekeeping and operational items to streamline within the Bylaws. After thorough consideration and vetting by the PAG and Bylaws Committee, the Board of Directors*** puts forth the 2023 Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws.

Voting will take place electronically on September 12-18. On Tuesday, September 12, each REALTOR® member eligible to vote will receive an email with their unique voting credentials link to the online voting platform. Voting will remain open until 5 pm on Monday, September 18.

The 2023 Proposed Amendments are organized into three categories – Governance, Operational, and Housekeeping – as outlined below.


  • To allow for more diversity, eliminate the automatic appointments to the Nominating Committee, which would be comprised of seven (7) REALTOR® members appointed from among the past presidents, current or past Directors, and current or past committee chairs.
  • Provide REALTOR® members more opportunities to vote and serve on the Board of Directors by replacing automatic Director appointments with two (2) Director positions voted on by the members.
  • Mirror the state and national process for electing the Officers, meaning the members vote on the Directors, who in turn elect the Officers.


  • Clarify the steps taken for member accounts with outstanding balances.
  • For the annual dues billing/collection, reduce the time frame, eliminate the reinstatement and late fees, and provide for the suspension of a delinquent member and member firms prior to termination.


  • Clarify the dues exemption for REALTOR® Emeritus members (40+ consecutive years)
  • Remove the longstanding harassment provision, which has since been replaced with a more comprehensive Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment policy
  • Provide a more reasonable process for suspending or removing an Officer or Director
  • Clarify the exceptions to Robert’s Rules of Order due to the existence of policies and procedures that exist outside of the Bylaws.
  • Allow for more nimble governance by removing the list of standing committees, except for the minimum recommended by the National Association of REALTORS®
  • Clarify the President’s role regarding committees.
  • Clarify a breach of confidentiality by a committee member could result in removal from a committee.
  • Clarify that remote participation of Officers and Directors in meetings is not limited to participation by telephone.
  • Resolve the inconsistency between the timeframe for completing New Member Orientation and MLS Orientation.
  • Clarify the CEO’s role in providing assistance to the Secretary-Treasurer regarding record keeping.
  • Clarify the definition of firms caps for the Officers and Directors
  • Remove the outdated and unnecessary language related to the 2017 reorganization of the MLS as a Committee of the Association.
  • Clarify the distinction between the Annual Election and Annual Meeting.
  • Correct numbering inconsistencies throughout the Bylaws due to various changes in recent years.

*The PAG is comprised of: Robert Backer, Robert Baker, Steven Champion, Travis Close, Randy Durham, Jennifer Grayson, Dan Griess, Jeff Nixon, Mike Purcell, and Kathy Tucker.

**The Bylaws Committee is comprised of: Chair Robert Baker, Director Liaison Mike Purcell, Susan Barnette, Teresa Clegg, Garrett Cox, Rolanda Daniel, Ken Fryar, Jennifer Grayson, Steven LaMar, Todd Maynor, Amy Mullins, Kristin Porter, and VIcki Trapp

***The 2023 Board of Directors is comprised of: President Steven Sharpe, President-Elect Kadi Brown, Secretary-Treasurer Bev Boss, MLS Chair Jeff Nixon, Immediate Past President Derek English, Connie Brewer, Brian Erwin, Robert Fisher, Holly Harwell, Ryan May, Karen Parris, Rolanda Pullen, Mike Purcell, and James Streeter.