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May 7, 2024

Pre-Summer Prep Tips


As the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers," and with the arrival of May, it's the perfect time to ensure your home is prepped and primed to welcome the warmer months ahead. has numerous checklists and tips , from sprucing up the garden to deep cleaning overlooked areas. Here are seven of my favorite must-do home maintenance tips for this spring.
Inspect and Clean Air Conditioning Units. Before the heat of summer sets in, ensure your air conditioning units are in tip-top shape. “Tune up your AC in April, before the mercury and service rates rise,” suggests Kelley Walters. Replace or clean air filters, check for any debris obstructing airflow and consider scheduling a professional inspection if your system hasn't been checked in a while. This not only enhances efficiency but also extends the life of your units.
Check the Roof and Gutters. Spring rains and storms can leave a lot of residue in your gutters, especially here in the south surrounded by trees. Remove any leaves, twigs, or debris to prevent water buildup and potential damage. Also, take a moment to inspect your roof for any damage like missing, loose, or cracked shingles. Early repairs can prevent costly fixes later down the road.
Revitalize Your Lawn. May is ideal for getting outside and giving your lawn a little TLC. Aerate to allow nutrients to reach deep into the roots. Overseed bear patches and begin a regular mowing and trimming routine. Nancy Mann Jackson recommends “leaving at least one to three inches of grass above the root so the grass can absorb enough water to combat the heat.” Don’t forget, if you need to water your grass, the best time is early morning before the temperature rises.
Prepare Your Garden. Prepare your garden for the planting season by clearing out dead plants or weeds, turning the soil to refresh the nutrients, and adding any needed fertilizer. Plant your seeds or starter plants after the last frost. Research which plants do well in what zones and types of sun they grow best in. Also, consider adding mulch to help retain moisture during those upcoming hot southern months.
Deep Clean Windows and Screens. Take advantage of the longer and brighter days by cleaning your windows and screens. Remove and wash the screens with soapy water and inspect them for any tears to repair.  A mixture of vinegar and water works well for a streak-free shine for windows. Don’t forget to clean the window tracks and sills, which can accumulate a lot of dirt. This would also be a great time to check for any issues when opening and closing your windows and repair or replace them.
Service Your Lawn Equipment. Your lawn mower, trimmer, and other gardening equipment will likely see a lot of use in the coming months. Kelley Walters from advises you to replace spark plugs and the air filter, change the oil and sharpen the blades, and fill the tank with fresh gasoline. Before you slip on those gardening gloves and get deep into gardening, check that all equipment is clean, the blades are sharp, tools are lubricated, and the oil is changed. Proper maintenance ensures safer and longer use.
Declutter and Donate. We refer to it as “spring cleaning” for a reason. Take a day to go through your house and declutter. Separate items to keep, donate, or throw away. A clutter-free home feels more spacious and welcoming. This is also the time to tackle that garage or lawn shed before it gets too hot.  Donating items you no longer use can also be a great way to help out those in need.
By following these tips, you'll not only enhance your living space but also potentially avoid any major repairs during the summer. May is a month of renewal and getting these tasks done can provide a fresh start to the season! That’s Who We R®.