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February 1, 2019

Supra eKEY App Update

Supra has informed us about an increase in calls to their call center about the new eKEY app due to a couple of issues, and they wanted us to pass along the following information:

AUTHORIZATION CODE: It has been reported some users are being asked to reauthorize their eKEY app and the app is not accepting the authorization code and giving an Authorization Invalid error. We are working on a fix for this issue but in the meantime the following steps can be done:

1. Delete the eKEY app
2. Re-install the eKEY app from the app store
3. Generate and enter a new authorization code

UPDATE CODE: Supra is seeing some instances of keys requiring update codes during the day when the keys are already updated. Supra has identified a fix for this and will be releasing new versions to the Android and Apple app stores this week. In the meantime, users can generate an update code by logging into SupraWEB at or navigating to on their smartphone or by calling KIM voice at 1-888-968-4032.

LOCKED OUT MESSAGE: Supra is also seeing a few rare instances where a user whose keyholder record is deactivated due to the keyholder being inactive, on hold, or unpaid and their key is locking up. This is caused by repeatedly tapping the Update icon 10 times in a row and results in a Locked Out message. To fix this issue, the keyholder needs to resolve the reason for the key being in a disabled status, then either wait the 60 minutes for the key to unlock or they can reset the authorization by selecting More, About eKEY App, and Reset Authorization, and then enter a new authorization code.

ROSTER FOR EKEY PRO: In addition, a new version of the Android app was released to the app store yesterday that fixed an issue with searching on the roster for eKEY Professional users.

Supra apologizes for the inconvenience and appreciates your patience while they work through these issues. Supra can be reached at their support line at 1-877-699-6787, or by emailing


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