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January 19, 2021

Tips For A Warm & Inviting Home This Winter

Okay, so we’re stuck inside. Even in a non-COVID time, January isn’t exactly the best time to go out and enjoy the outdoors. It’s cold, wet, and dark. Simply put, it’s gross out there.

The truth of the matter is in recent months, many of us have spent much time inside. What are some ways to make your home more inviting? What about keeping away those cold-weather blues? Deirdre Sullivan at the National Association of REALTORS® consumer website provides several tips to make the inside of your home as inviting as possible.

Clean Your Light Fixtures and Bulbs. Doing this can help your home will appear so much brighter without turning on more lights. Saving money and energy? That sounds great!

Keep the Cold Air Out. Look, there’s no doubt replacing your existing windows with energy-efficient ones will save you money. But in case that’s something that’s not possible right now, look at various ways of helping stop drafts from entering your home. And Deirdre points out that it’s not just window and door leaks killing your warm vibe. She says to be sure to plug stealthy gaps around recessed lights, electrical boxes, and wall outlets.

Get that slow cooker out. Yes, the smell is amazing, and did you know that a slow cooker typically uses less energy than a light bulb? In addition to cooking food, these can be used to help spread great natural fragrances in your home, such as mixing water with cinnamon sticks, cranberries, and orange peels together with some water.

Bring Home Some Nature. Many indoor plants are particularly adept at sucking up nasty vapors emitted from household cleaners, paints, and dry cleaning. And since plants increase humidity levels, they help decrease household dust. Plus, they look nice!

Vacuum With Your Thermostat Fan On. Dierdre says that running the fan will help filter dust that gets kicked up while cleaning. Leave it on for about 15 minutes after you finish vacuuming, and switch it back to “auto” afterward. HVAC blowers aren’t intended to run all the time. And don’t forget to change your filter. Change your filter every couple of months (monthly if you have pets) to prevent excess dust and allergens from circulating.

Clean your windows. This task will not only let in more natural light into your home, but it also feels good to do it.  Deirdre mentions that the American Clean Institute asked consumers what clean surfaces make them happy, and “gleaming windows” made the top five above a “spotless sink.” Plus, daylighting is a great mood booster. It’s definitely worth the time.

Owning and maintaining your home is a year-round commitment. While at times, it can seem like a lot to undertake, the joy you’ll experience owning your own home is well worth it. Realtors work to help make your investment the best it can be. That’s Who We R®.