Tue, Aug 20, 2019 9:00am – 12:00pm    

Top Tech Tools to Exceed Your Client’s Expectations


People have come to expect a certain amount of immediate and technologically produced information that is available at all times.  Realtors are people, not computers.  We cannot be available 24/7 and keep health and a good business connection.  But there are tech companies that do provide services people really want.  This course will give individual agents tools to have more information available for their clients more often.  While the agent goes about the rest of their lives.  Agents need to be more proactive with their clients in order to promote better communication and better systems for both a busy agent and a busy client.  This class helps them to do this in a manageable, affordable way. 

Agent will learn to:

  •  Identify their own consumer mindset in technology and discuss the expectations consumers have based on their purchasing mindset.
  • Communicate more efficiently and timely with clients by setting better expectations via autoresponders in voicemail, email and text.
  • Share transaction information via cloud storage so the clients will always have access to contract information between the agent and the client.
  • Automate scheduling appointments through online portals like they do with schools and other portals. 
  • Communicate proactively via email to provide information agents sometimes forget and be ahead of the questions the clients have.
  • Answer questions clients have in other ways than calling the agent by provide information about the process and FAQs that come up along the way via printed material and online resources. 
  • Provide valuable information to their clients before and after the sales experience.  The consumer expects to hear from their favorite vendors and they like to receive valuable information and coupons and this class will help agents know how ot do this too.
  • Ask intentionally for reviews from clients in a way that they are used to being asked for reviews and thus provide them a place to publicly thank you for your great service.
  • Market their listings to the level that the customer expects from their general searching on the internet.

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Monica Neubauer


3 Hours TN & GA


Members: $30.00 / Non-Members: $45.00

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