Commercial Services


REALTOR® members (of any Association) may subscribe to our commercial listing service, which includes annual subscriptions to Crexi PRO ($4,800 value) and CRS Tax Data ($750 value). Call us at 423.698.8001 to subscribe to our commercial listing service. 

Crexi PRO provides full access to Crexi's marketing and technology tools, matching your listings with the right buyers and tenants. Crexi PRO users are granted full access to Crexi Intelligence, including Crexi’s entire database of nationwide sales comparables, property records, and interactive map overlays that display key metrics. Get started by logging in here.

Crexi PRO Resources & Support: Email OR Call 888-273-0423. Also check out the Crexi Resource Center for FAQs. And these two overview pieces: Intro to Crexi PRO & What is Crexi PRO?


Commercial classes and events are included in our Calendar* and promoted via our communication channels and the Crexi platform. *Use the "commercial" filter to find classes specific to commercial practitioners.

Commercial Council

Membership in the Commercial Council is complimentary for REALTOR® members, who subscribe to the commercial listing service (Catylist) and completes a Commercial Council Membership Form. Commercial Council members are eligible to serve on the Commercial Services Advisory Group* and fill the position of Commercial Director**.

Commercial Services Advisory Group

*The Commercial Services Advisory Group is appointed annually by the President from among Commercial Council members. The Commercial Services Advisory Group provides guidance to the Board of Directors regarding commercial-specific programs and services, including but not limited to the commercial listing service, education, and networking offerings for our commercial practitioners. 

Commercial Director

**Every other year, the Commercial Services Advisory Group vets potential candidates and provides the Nominating Committee with up to two names to be placed on the ballot to fill the Commercial Director position (2-year term). Said candidates are voted on by the entire Association membership.


Visit NAR's website for commercial-specific information on:

•  Advocacy/Legislation,

•  Chapters, Institutes, Societies & Council,

  Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute

  Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE)

  Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

  REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI)

  Specialist, Industrial & Office Real Estate (SIOR) Association

•  Education,

•  Research,

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