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July 20, 2022

A few To-Do’s for July to Save Money & Get Ready for Fall

July means hot temperatures, kids on their summer break, and maybe a bit of traveling. But if your busy schedule allows, this time of year might be a great opportunity to knock out some home projects that could make things much easier on your wallet, your life in general, and help secure and maintain the value of your home in the future. Homeownership is much more than just making your house payment, and the investment you make throughout the year in keeping the interior and exterior of your home in peak condition will pay dividends in its future value and your earned equity moving forward.

But where’s a good place to start? Kelley Walters, writer for NAR’s, has some out-of-the-box tips from her latest article. These ideas might not be the first things you think of when looking at home projects, but I think you will appreciate her points . Kelley has this to pass along to homeowners gearing up for those mid-year projects:

Organize the Basement. The two most common types of clutter? Old clothes and seasonal items. Just the kind of stuff that winds up in the basement. So this month, face your messy basement head on. Not only will you regain space, but you'll also save time and could even knock out clutter-related depression. And yes, that's a thing.

Now that you've got your basement organized, maybe it's a good time to consider this next project:

Finish the Basement. The solution to a cramped house could be right under your feet. Transforming an unfinished basement into a media room, home office — or even a rentable space — builds equity, upping your home's resale value. Start this project now, and you can kick back and enjoy your new space all winter long.

Buy Paint on Sale. July is not really the time of year you think of painting, right? It's usually too hot and humid. Probably why so many places put paint on sale this month. Stock up now, and you'll be ready for that painting project on your fall to-do list. (P.S. Latex and acrylic paint can last up to 10 years; oil-based, up to 15.)

Hit Up Recycling Centers. Summer is home improvement season. That also makes it the savvy buyer's time to seek out deals at recycling centers and home improvement resale stores. Since this is project time — not to mention moving season — lots of folks are ditching their old stuff. Take advantage and grab it up at super-low prices.

Kelly really offers some great tips on paint sales, purchasing repurposed items and getting the basement cleared out or even renovating it into a new usable space, but let’s think about some projects that you can tackle (no pun intended) outside your home before the Saturday/Sunday football seasons and baseball pennant races start.

Cleaning out and clearing overgrowth off your property. This is one item that no one really enjoys doing, but this time of year is certainly when mother nature likes to take her turn of reclaiming that back property line or the tree’s limbs overhanging your roof. Just be careful to pace yourself and don’t take on the project if you are not comfortable with the scope or the degree of difficulty involved.

Dont’ feel quite up to tackling the outdoors? Refreshing that back patio or deck could certainly go a long way. Both of these items can make a huge difference, and while the labor may be intense during these dog days of summer, a plan to have a pressure washing project in the afternoons can make the latter part of the day a welcome reprieve from the heat. I mention this as outdoor living spaces are always a plus when adding value to a property’s livability and a favorite amenity for future buyers.

No matter the effort involved by you or the impact on your pocketbook, these projects can be rewarding to the overall maintenance and upkeep of your property’s value. Trust me when I say that a Saturday afternoon in the fall in a newly refreshed outdoor living space, well maintained yard, newly reclaimed basement media room, or just the peace of mind that you don’t have a bunch of clutter in your storeroom will make your investment all that more rewarding.

And so, as Summer stays with us and the temperatures remain hot, remember that no matter the time of year, it’s always a great idea to consult a Realtor® for your homebuying or selling needs. Realtors have the expertise to make sure you get the most out of your investment all year long. That’s Who We R®.