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September 21, 2022

Realtors & Their Safety

With our name and reputation being our brand, Realtors need to promote themselves and maintain visibility as part of our business. But sometimes, this self-promotion can lead to dangerous situations. For example, in the recently released 2022 Member Safety Report, 23% of REALTORS® were more likely to say they had experienced a situation that made them fear their safety or personal information. This number is up from 2021 (14%), which is a sign that Realtors should remain diligent and take advantage of safety training. It’s a hopeful sign that 73% report having personal safety protocols in place that they follow with every client, and this trend is more likely among females (76%) than among males (67%).

And threats aren’t just limited to in-person encounters. Residential REALTORS® most often reported feeling unsafe after receiving a threatening or inappropriate email, text message, phone call, or voicemail (33%) and during a showing (27%), and Commercial REALTORS® most often reported feeling unsafe during a showing (29%) and after receiving a threatening or inappropriate email, text message, phone call, or voicemail (29%).

Realtors know first-hand how stressful the property buying process can be. However, it’s easy to get swept up in the sometimes frantic race to find that perfect home, so we must not cut corners when it comes to safety. One startling statistic from the 2022 Member Safety Report is that the typical respondent meets prospective clients they’ve never met before, either at their office or in a neutral location 66% of the time. Meeting a stranger with who you’ve had no previous interaction could prove dangerous.

These types of situations show why safety training is so important. Nationally, 40% of REALTORS® said that they have participated in a self-defense class, and 43% of men and 54% of women carry a self-defense weapon or tool. Among those who participated in a REALTOR® safety course, 75% said they feel more prepared for unknown situations after taking a REALTOR® Safety course. Locally, we offer members complimentary self-defense classes throughout the year. Greater Chattanooga Realtors believe in promoting safe business practices, creating a culture where members are committed to excellence, and educating members on safety.

One way Realtors can help homeowners have the best possible experience is to address safety and security best practices relating to real estate. That’s what our goal has been for this past month. Realtors love serving our community, and we want nothing else than to help our clients safely and professionally. Safety is our priority year-round. Realtors are focused on protecting our clients and ourselves. That’s Who We R®.