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September 27, 2022

BrokerBay Showing Service is Live!

We are now live with BrokerBay, our new MLS-wide showing service. We are thrilled to offer this service as part of our MLS subscription at no additional cost. Here’s everything you need to know to get started. 

Managing Brokers

•  Login to FlexMLS > Menu > Products > BrokerBay > Setup Your Account > Verify Contact Info > Create a Password

•  From Your Dashboard, Click on the Admin Queue > Unconfigured

•  This shows which listings in your office need to be prepared for showings.

•  Email agents to prompt them to set up listings. In the header, select View Details > Email Info to Agents

•  Your agents can now follow the steps below to prepare their listings for showings ahead of our going live next week.

•  Sign up for the Managing Broker & Admin Training (September 28, 11 am)

•  If you see a pop-up about concierge phone services, you may ignore that pop-up for now. For now, focus on getting your agents adjusted to BrokerBay.

Listing Agents

•  If your Managing Broker has taken the above steps, Login to FlexMLS > Menu > Products > BrokerBay

•  Verify Contact Info > Create a Password > Agree to Terms of Service

•  From your Dashboard > Tasks > Configure Instructions (for each of your listings)

•  Add Showing Instructions to your listings to ensure showings will be processed correctly. Follow this tutorial,

•  By default, some Showing Instructions are checked, such as “leave card,” which is prohibited per our MLS Rules

•  Change your default settings at Account Settings > Listing Settings > Deselect “Leave Card > Save!

•  Review your Agent Notes in FlexMLS and remove references/phone numbers* to other showing services.

•  Sign Up for Agent Training (October 6, 1:30 pm)

Help & Training

•  Visit BrokerBay’s Help Articles for assistance or submit a request to BrokerBay

•  Training Opportunities (all via Zoom)

•  View the recorded training 24/7

•  September 28, 11 am – Training for Admins & Managing Brokers

•  October 6, 1:30 pm – Training for Agents


•  Over the next week, the “Use Showing Service Y/N” field will change to “Use BrokerBay Y/N”

•  If you wish to use a showing service other than BrokerBay, please denote that information in the Agent Notes

•  By default, some Showing Instructions are checked, such as “leave card,” which is prohibited per our MLS Rules. Change your default settings: Account Settings > Listing Settings > Select/Deselect > Save!

•  Download the BrokerBay app so you can book showings on the go.

•  Appraisers, Pest Control, Home Inspectors will contact the listing agent who will book a showing on their behalf as these eKEY holders are pre-loaded in the booking roster.

•  *Booking Showings – While most REALTORS® will use BrokerBay via desktop or App, you may also call 888-594-8304 to book/cancel/change showing appointments.